I just pushed out noodle, a new gem that we’re using to manage our .NET dependencies with ruby’s bundler.

Because .NET projects usually have to reference dependencies at a specific path, simple rubygems don’t quite cut it. With noodle, you use bundler to do the dependency analysis, and noodle copies the resolved dependencies into a local directory in the project. This way, .NET projects can reference the assemblies at a predictable path without having to check them all in.

Install with

gem install noodle

For example, say you have a project that uses StructureMap. Your Gemfile might look like this:

source :rubygems
gem 'structuremap'

If you create a Rakefile like this:

require 'noodle'

and then run

bundle install
rake noodle

Then you’ll have a copy of StructureMap.dll in lib/structuremap-<version>.

(Noodle 0.1.0 had an error, which added an extra ‘lib’ in the destination path.)