I’m pretty impressed with Hudson. It’s very easy to administer, and has had a plugin available for everything I’ve wanted to do so far. Despite being from outside of the Windows world, it’s pretty easy to get VS stuff running in it.

However, one thing that would make it better is the ability to watch several source control sources, similar to CCNET’s Multi Source Control plugin. I’m not up for writing an entire plugin. (The one time I tried to do that, I was overwhelmed by the difficulty of creating a plugin from scratch for hudson as compared to CCNET.)

So I patched the Hudson TFS plugin to support multiple paths. So now, in addition to being able to use a simple source control path (e.g. $/myproject/some/directory) that’s mapped to the job’s workspace, you can map several TFS paths into hudson’s workspace (e.g. $/path1 : path1 ; $/path2/a/b/c/d : c\d). You can get this from the dev.java.net issue, github, or download a snapshot build I created.